Welcome To "The Conceived In Liberty Project"

Our responsibility to each other is no less than that of our founding fathers. With a profound faith in God we must continually renew our pledge to each other that it will be with our lives, our fortunes and upon our sacred honor that we will stand in defense of life and liberty.

Far too often we take life and liberty for granted, we fail to encourage each other, we fail to inform each other and we fail to share the lessons of history with those to whom these obligations will pass.

The Conceived In Liberty Project is designed to launch in three phases. Phase One is this website and the “New Media” productions found on these pages. Phase Two will be devoted to educating our youth in areas of civic responsibility, American principles and national pride.

Phase Three is a bold initiative to use every available tool and technology to preserve a full, complete and accurate record of the present in order to avoid a manipulated future dependant upon an edited version of history.

Please take time to visit our pages and send us your comments.

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